World’s #1 Vocal Coach Teams With Student to Raise Money for Luther Middle School Auditorium Upgrade

Vocal Coach Cheryl Porter, Luther student Isabella Meneses, and American Idol finalist Devin Velez at Luther's production of Footloose.

Cheryl Porter, the world’s #1 vocal coach with more than 2 billion views on YouTube, will be holding two of her internationally sold-out master classes at Luther Burbank Middle School on December 16 and 17.

The TikTok star and trained opera singer, known for giving young singers lessons while driving in her car, has been working with 13-year-old Isabella Meneses of Burbank for four years.  The two met when Bella’s father, Miguel, reached out to the internet sensation to see if she would surprise his daughter with a birthday video.

“As luck would have it, I was visiting LA where they lived,” Porter wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Instead of recording a birthday video for her, I went to her HOUSE to surprise her in person, not knowing that that this little girl would steal my heart and become my little bestie!”

Porter has since attended several events, concerts and performances at Luther Burbank Middle School, where Bella is a part of the school’s award-winning Vocal Music Association.

The school’s auditorium is badly in need of a makeover. It is believed that the wooden chairs date back to the original construction which is estimated to have occurred sometime in the 1950s.  There is currently a fundraising campaign underway to raise the money needed to overhaul the space, replacing the wooden chairs with green upholstered seats. The goal is to raise $250,000 for the project.

“Our vision is to create an environment that enhances the entire arts and entertainment experience for our community,” the website for the project says. “We believe that when audiences are comfortable and at ease, they can fully appreciate and support the talented artists gracing the Luther Auditorium stage.”

Cheryl Porter came to Luther to see Isabella Meneses perform in Footloose.

To help the school reach its goal, Cheryl Porter will be holding two master classes in the auditorium in December, with all proceeds going toward the fundraiser.

“Right from the start, [Bella Meneses] had a special place in my heart,” Porter wrote in an Instagram post that included a photo of her and Meneses. “So when she asked me if I could help raise money for NEW SEATS in her school’s AUDITORIUM with a MASTERCLASS FUNDRAISER, there was no way I would miss an opportunity to help the kids at…my baby’s school.” 

The master classes will be held December 16th and 17th at 2pm.  Each class is more than three hours of fun, learning, dancing and of course singing.  Porter will cover many topics about vocal technique, such as how to breathe while singing, how to hit a certain note, how to belt, how to use your head voice, chest voice, and mixed voice. She’ll call volunteers to the stage and help them while everyone else learns from it. Porter interacts with the audience, answering questions, playing games and awarding prizes.  There will also be a red carpet so guests can take photos and VIP tickets are available.

“Thank you, Mama Cheryl,” Meneses wrote on Instagram.  “You are always so kind and I can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing. This Christmas is going to be amazing. You’re helping us so much and we can’t express our appreciation to you. Love ya!”

Tickets to the event can be purchased at

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Cheryl Porter is a formally trained opera singer with more than 20 years of experience as a performer in Italy, Germany, France, Mexico, England, Israel, Poland, Indonesia, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, and America. 

Cheryl is best known for solid classical training in opera and high control of vocal technique.  Her YouTube videos have had over 2 billion views.  She has over 350 million likes on TikTok, 3 million followers on Facebook and more than 2 million on Instagram.


Isabella is an eighth grader at Luther Burbank Middle School and an accomplished singer.  She regularly performs the national anthem at community and sporting events like Dodgers’ and Clippers’ games. She is a member of Starlight, LBMS VMA’s advanced mixed choir. She has 16.9 thousand followers on Instagram.

Cheryl Porter and Devin Velez visit Luther for the production of Footloose
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