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Gatto’s bill to Legalize Sales of Homemade Food Clears Next Legislative Hurdle

California Homemade Food Act, earned its latest legislative victory Wednesday with a unanimous vote of 8-0 in the Senate Health Committee

Schiff Votes for Keeping Student Loan Rates Low and Creating Transportation Jobs

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) released the following statement after the House voted on bipartisan legislation to prevent the doubling of student loan rates on July 1

Burbank City Council Names Kukta City Treasurer, Mullins Appointed City Clerk

Both woman were appointed to their positions to fill out the terms that will both be up for election in 2013. School Board will have to act to replace Kukta

Rep. Schiff Statement Supports Supreme Court Health Care Decision

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement heralding the Supreme Court’s decision on the President’s health care reform law

Gatto’s Green Fuels Bill Passes Senate Utilities Committee

Bill which removes barriers to the development of renewable natural gas (RNG) as a fuel in California, passed the Senate Utilities Committee after a nearly three hour hearing by a vote of 11-0

Schiff Condemns Vote Against Attorney General Eric Holder

Rep. Adam Schiff, a former federal prosecutor, issued the following statement after the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to hold the Attorney General in contempt

Schiff Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Permit Content Neutral Regulation of Campaign Spending

Amendment Would Overturn Citizen's United Decision and Also Allow Public Financing of Campaigns

Cell Phone Towers – They’re Everywhere in Burbank – Here is the List

While the debate goes on with the cell phone tower at the Little White Chapel, there are actually over 100 cell type facilities all over Burbank - we have the list. Is one in your neighborhood?

California Homemade Food Act Clears Assembly Floor

The Act would allow for the sale of certain homemade, non- hazardous foods by creating a structure for “cottage food operations,” it now heads to the Senate

Burbank City Council Stops Cell Tower In A Steeple – Others May Already Exist

While neighbors were successful in stopping the Little White Chapel from adding a cell phone tower, there are already many other such towers all over Burbank residential and school areas

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