Adoptable Pet of the Week: Blue


Say hello to Blue. He’s a six year old Siberian Husky at the Burbank Animal Shelter. A volunteer spent time with him and had this to say “Why Blue isn’t adopted is a Wonder to me. This dog is so calm, sweet, and loving, yes and big. He will sit immediately so that you can give him some love. Then he lays down so you can almost lay down with him in the kennel and give love and pets and scratches to his body. Someone who wants a loving companion that likes to walk and doesn’t mind a little fur has a real winner in Blue.”

A number of volunteers have also noticed Blue has a very specific behavior when he’s in the play yard: He’ll do a lap and check things out, but then he *always* comes back to his human for more pets and cuddles. Blue *loves* people and is a real lovebug.

Blue is the best of all worlds: he’s gentle, sweet and friendly, and he loves to be brushed. At his photo shoot he had no problem with 4 people surrounding him and giving him pets everywhere.

We think he would be a good family dog. To foster or adopt Blue, come to the Burbank Animal Shelter to meet him!