Trapped Construction Workers Rescued by Firefighters

Photo supplied by Burbank Fire Department

In a dramatic rescue operation, the Burbank Fire Department successfully extricated a construction worker trapped under debris after a retaining wall collapsed at 650 E. Cedar Ave. Wednesday at 1:50 pm.

Upon arrival, the first responders found the worker trapped under a pile of dirt and lumber. “First arriving crews reported that there was one construction worker trapped under dirt and lumber as a result of a retaining wall collapse,” said Burbank Fire Department Battalion Chief David Burke.

The trapped worker was swiftly rescued and taken from the site of the accident, reported as about two stories below the ground, by a stokes basket that was lowered down from a truck company to bring the victim up. He was immediately transported to the hospital for medical attention. The rescue teams’ quick response and efficient coordination played a crucial role in the successful outcome of the operation.

The Burbank Fire Department was assisted by the Glendale Fire Department’s Urban Search and Rescue, Pasadena Fire Department, and the Burbank Police Department.

“The incident is currently under investigation,” added Chief Burke. As the authorities work to ascertain the cause of the collapse, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards faced by construction workers daily.

The condition of the rescued worker is currently unknown, although his injuries were believed to be minor and non-life threatening.

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center